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Since I was born I was always trying to be the creative one; making coloring books, comics, stickers, skate videos and always drawing whatever came to my mind. This drove me down many paths some good and some bad. Now for the past 5 years I have been driving down the same path I started back in 2009 when my band need band merch and had no money to hire anyone to do our designs, so I decided to give it a shot. Once that band failed, I decided I still wanted to make designs for apparel and started my own clothing brand called "Get Classy Clothing" which hit a high for me and made me feel like I could possibly take my art some place. Then at the turning point of the company, out of nowhere I was hit with a cease and desist letter telling me I couldn't print the word "Classy" on clothing anymore. So, I shut that down and  I figured out that I don't need to only design stuff for my own brand. I started to market myself as a designer and was approached by good friends to design their bands merchandise and clothing brands following. This brought me to bigger and better clients. Now I'm in my first year working freelance working with people like Beloved Shirts, Animal Hearted, Merch Connections Inc, and more. With every day being a new challenge, I push myself further to become a greater artist.

I draw a ton of inspiration from vintage design, sign painter lettering, graffiti, punk rock & hardcore music, and cartoons. I never walk outside without seeing something that inspires me to do something new. Other than all this in my spare time I enjoy long walks to the fridge, drinking beer, and eating pizza. 


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