Filming A Product Commercial With What I Have At Home
Published by Justin Graziano on February 11th, 2021
So I’m sure a lot of you guys are just like me and don’t have the budget just yet to invest into certain kinds of gear to achieve the shots you want or if you do how many times are you actually going to use that piece of gear once you get it? 
So something I like to do is to get creative when I shoot at home and just use the things that I have around me already. With a little imagination you can create... Read More
Capturing Awesome FLOATING Product Photography
Published by Justin Graziano on January 28, 2021
So recently one of my friends asked me if I was interested in shooting some photos of her brothers coffee company and of course I was down. Their coffee company is called Retrograde Coffee Roasters and they’re located in Sebastopol, California.. Read More
How We WON Joey Palmroos Christmas B-Roll Competition
Published by Downstreet Collective on January 22nd, 2021
Back in December a filmmaker/youtuber by the name of Joey Palmroos launched a Christmas B-Roll Competition to win $500. Recently Mike, Nick, and I decided to start a production company "Downstreet Collective" where we would collaborate to tell small business and independent brands stories. As soon as I saw this competition I knew it would be a great opportunity for us to... Read More
How to Edit EPIC Product Photography - Tutorial
Published by Justin Graziano on January 21, 2021
Thanks so much for stopping for stopping by to check out my editing breakdown of my Pie vs Pie photo in this tutorial we are going to focus on how I edit these photos using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom... Read More
How to shoot EPIC Product Photography - Tutorial
Published by Justin Graziano on January 14, 2021
Thanks so much checking out my first video. This is my approach to product photography and all the steps and techniques I use to achieve the photos I capture. On my YouTube channel you will find me shooting a variety of different products, but in this video I will be shooting beer... Read More
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