Laws Whiskey House is a distillery based out of Denver, Colorado. I had the opportunity to work with them in early 2020 on a photography campaign to help expand their into new territories out in California by photographing their bottle in iconic locations around Los Angeles. Through that campaign another project was born out of my curiosity to film a whiskey commercial. Laws Whiskey House ended up enjoying the video so much that they purchased it to run in their paid media, local bars, and on large platform screens in Downtown Denver. This video ad showcases various beauty shots of the product in gritty environments and a voice over to match the brands mission. 
"With the ever increasing interest in vertical video, we have been making it a mission to focus on multi-use content that can be reformatted for more than just horizontal video. This video ad was repurposed to be used onto paid media, Instagram reels, and stories."
Behind The Scenes
Watch a behind the scenes look on how this commercial was made and my thought process while creating it.
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